A note from the authors

To our transgender, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, agender, and non-binary readers and their allies, partners, and friends,

The book was published in 2007. The topics it addresses have changed very little since then— nearly everything the book teaches still holds true. One exception is the language we use when talking about gender. It was really important to us to write a book that was inclusive of transgender readers, and we included trans people in our surveys, used their quotes throughout the book, and also solicited and incorporated feedback on the manuscript from trans educators. The result was a book that received a lot of praise for its inclusion when it was first published. It still remains one of the most inclusive sexuality books out there.

However, in the intervening years, how gender is thought about and talked about has evolved. If we could revise it today, the language in the book would evolve much in the same way our educational program on this topic has evolved. Unfortunately, publishers don’t allow authors to make these kinds of revisions once the book has been published.

Many trans and ally readers still tell us they love the book, and we hope you will, too. But we apologize for the ways it falls short by today's standards.

Dorian & Marshall


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