The I Love Female Orgasm program is frequently praised by audience members for being inclusive of the diversity of gender identities and sexual orientations. Thirty percent of the time, the program is sponsored or co-sponsored by LGBTQ campus groups and centers, many of which organize to bring the program back time after time. As a diverse group of educators, most of whom identify as queer, this is an important issue to us both personally and professionally.

Since the language and understanding of gender is ever evolving, we continuously update and improve the program. The current version of the program is di erent than the ones we presented a few years ago — and even a few months ago. We always welcome and constantly incorporate audience members’ ideas for the program — please check it out and share your wisdom with us!

"This is by far the most inclusive presentation I've been to of any kind."
J. Heinz, sex/gender student activist, Beloit College

"As a trans person, I’ve never encountered a more inclusive sex ed program."
JJ, President of the Student Feminist Organization, University of Wisconsin - River Falls

"While we were excited to bring I Heart Female Orgasm to our campus, we were concerned with how inclusive the program would be given its gendered title. I had a great phone conversation with Dorian which quickly put my concerns at ease. The program was an absolute hit! Students of all genders and sexual identities were represented and included in a very thoughtful and intentional way. I really appreciated that they made space for specific sexual identity and gendered perspectives, this gave visibility and validation to frequently underrepresented groups in sexual health spaces. Oftentimes, these conversations can be presented so generally in their attempt to be inclusive that they neglect the unique experiences and needs of various groups. I give them two thumbs up and five glittery rainbow stars!”
Jenna Beckwith Messman, M.ED, Sexual Health Programs Coordinator, University of Maryland

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